Taking a walk can save your Life and raise your vitamin D

Most people know that they need to get some sun to stay happy, keep a nice tan, and keep healthy.

But a new study shows another reason why you should get some sun.


According to this study, lower levels of vitamin D not only make you depressed, give you insomnia, and ruin your immune system, but it also puts you at an increased risk of melanoma and other cancers.


Just like getting to much sun and causing certain types of cancers, no sun can also have the same effect.


This vitamin D deficiency epidemic is due to many people working inside an office in a 9-5 job.


What can you do?


1.       Check your vitamin D levels


The most important thing to do is find out if you are vitamin D deficient. The only way to do this is by getting a hormone and vitamin panels done.


Doing a hormone and vitamin panel will give you a baseline to work from. If your baseline numbers show you are low on vitamin D, you can start taking steps to improve them and avoid cancers like melanoma.

Your baseline numbers will also give you a reference point to see if what you are doing to correct your vitamin levels is working.


Go to www.MyLabFax.com and purchase your hormone and vitamin panels today!


2.     Go for a walk


I use walks to give me time to think, get some much needed Vitamin D, and warm me up before I get to the gym.


Walks have a positive effect on your mental and emotional health. They allow you time to think and reflect on what is going on in your life. All while getting that much needed vitamin D.


I apply a light coat of sunblock on my face and shoulders and walk shirtless.

I am a darker skinned Hispanic and can handle longer periods of unprotected sun exposure. If you are Caucasian, you should go 10-15 minutes without any sunblock. If you are African American, you will need longer in the sun to get the same effects. About 30-35 minutes is recommended for you.


Always put sunscreen on your nose and forehead. It will keep your skin from getting premature wrinkles.  Also, use sunscreen that has a moisturizer in it. I use Aveeno Protect + Hydrate lotion sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection Spf 30.


This daily routine will allow you to get your daily dose of vitamin D and give you a nice tan.


3.     Supplement with vitamin D


In some cases, you will need to supplement with Vitamin D.

This is a preferred option if you are a busy person that is stuck in the office all day.


I recommend the Kirkland brand from Cosco for your supplement needs. They are third-party tested and they have adequate dosage in their supplements.


If you do not have a Cosco membership you can always buy something from Amazon. Most companies are reputable and will come with the correct dosage. The NOW brand supplements on Amazon are a good company.


Proper dosage should be discussed with your doctor but the government's dietary recommendations are 200 IUs a day up to age 50, 400 IUs to age 70, and 600 IUs over 70. 




Keeping your vitamin D levels is crucial to your health. You’ll be happier, your immune system will work properly, you will sleep better, you will produce other hormones like testosterone faster. The list of benefits is endless.


Take some time and get out in the sun. It could save your life.



Until next time





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