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This Weekend Changed My Life and Business

This weekend I attended the "Gorilla Mindset" seminar put on by Mike Cernovich. (His Book Here)

Lets get one thing out of the way. 

Yes. You should attend a Mike Cernovich Gorilla Mindset Seminar. 

It's worth every single dollar. You'll learn why in the following post. 

I'm not going to give you a breakdown of everything we discussed. It would be pointless because the content  was only a piece of the entire seminar experience. The people, my mindset going in, and energy in the room where also a huge part of the whole experience. 

Instead I'll give you a run down of: what my mindset is going into a Mike Cernovich seminar, why I go to a seminar, the energy in the room, some important topics Mike touched on and how this seminar helped my current business

At the end of this post, I will post my notes taken on my Iphone.

If you are not familiar with Mike Cernovich I encourage you to buy his book and read it five, ten, twenty times. 

It will change your life. 

Then buy a copy for a loved one that's ready to take their life to the next level.

My Mindset and The People

From the moment you hear about an event like this, your mindset will affect what you get out of it.

Every time Mike puts on a seminar I get full of energy. Why? Because I know I will learn something that will benefit my business and life. 

The whole "have a positive attitude" thing has been done to death. I'm not going to repeat the benefits of having a good attitude. But, a cliche is a cliche because it's true.

Have a GOOD ATTITUDE to maximize your experiences! 

It's been proven that having a positive attitude will bring you good things. Having a good attitude costs you nothing and brings so many good things into your life, its unbelievable. 

I paid $150 dollars and it was worth every single penny. 

After the seminar I have found the next course of action for my new business I will share that with you later in this post.

Those people who think that paying top dollar for a seminar on self improvement is not worth it, are the ones with bad attitudes. I want those people as far away from me as possible. 

I want people that see the value in this type of seminar around me. These people do not hesitate to pay for an event that will make them better. 

Needless to say, the people in attendance where serious about improving their lives. They where all there on a mission to become better. 

The energy in the room was one of readiness.
Ready to learn, thrive and grow. 

I met many great people and made real connections. Of course I took advantage of the opportunity and got many new phone numbers of people that are as serious about improvement as I am.

If you go to a seminar like this be eager to meet new people. Why? Because these people are just like you! Ready to improve and grow. They are on the same path as you are. They are the friends that will get to the top with you. Make friends and build your own crew once you leave the seminar. 

Many men were in the room, as expected. What really surprised me is the amount of woman that came out. I had wonderful conversations with women that told me Mike's book, podcast and mindset work helped them. This information is for everyone even teenagers!

Yes, there was a teenager in attendance. It was incredible to see such a young man attend with his two parents. This young man has a head start in life and I'm honestly a little jealous. I wish I had this type of information when I was his age! I would have been way ahead in life. That young man will grow up to be a huge success in every aspect of life because he is learning the most important thing in life. How to control your thoughts and emotions.

That's how powerful this information is. 

Mike has a track record of helping people. 98% of all his content is free. If you have any doubts it works, spend ten bucks and two hours of time on his book. (Here) 

My Mindset

I come into an event like this with an open mind knowing I will get something out of it. 

What that something is, is up to the universe to unveil to me. 

I might get an idea that revolutionizes the world. 

I might meet a new business partner.

I might get an idea for a new business.

I might make a life long friend. 

What ever it is, I come into it open for new possibilities. 

Don't EVER underestimate the power of a positive attitude. 

This is the best way to approach an event and life to be honest. Always open and ready for the universe to give you what you need at that very moment. 

That sounds a litte wo wo. I know. But, I've read Mike's book at least 10 times. I've attended almost all his seminars. And every time, I learn something new. 

What ever I'm struggling with, Mike's work has a way of sparking new ideas in my mind that get me to the next level. 

I'm open to the ideas presented by Mike and it's helped me be the successful man I am today.

What I learned

I got many things out of Mike's seminar. But I'll tell you the most important one because I want to show you the journey of getting my new business up and running. 

The main idea presented by Mike Cernovich: 

"What is the story you tell yourself?"

Mike asked the entire group.

We all tell ourselves a story of who we are. What we are capable of. What our past is. What our present will be. 

If you aren't careful the story you tell yourself can cause you immense pain. It can take your life where you do not want to go. Or worse, you let other people write your life story. 


You can write your own life story and make it a great story. 

Fortunately for me, I figured out my story a long time ago. I define my self as an entrepreneur. That's my story.

I took that from Scott Adams the creator of "Dilbert". He says it's the widest possible definition he could come up with for who he is. Anything else he would describe him self as would limit his ability to create the life he wants.

Because of this simple description of himself, Scott Adams has been able to become a world famous cartoonist with major licensing deals. He has also started a new tech company. "WhenHub"

See Scott discuss this idea with Mike.


Imagine him listening to people saying to him,"Scott, you're just a cartoonist. Stick to cartoons." 

He wouldn't of been able to create such a great life for him self. 

This resonates with me because I'm currently in that stage.

I own auto repair shops and run a popular YouTube channel mainly focusing on auto repair, tool reviews, auto repair business advice and some lifestyle content. 

When I told my viewers that I was going to start an online blood testing company that would test their testosterone and hormone levels, I got a wave of people telling me to stick to being a mechanic!

Obviously my self identity has been deeply ingrained in me by years of me telling my self I'm an entrepreneur. Nothing will deter me from building a new business. But, it's interesting to see what Mike said happening in real time. 

If I didn't follow Mikes work and had intense mindset training I might fall for it. I wouldn't have the mindset strategies to overcome people trying to write my story. This is why you should attend his seminars and read his books. 

People will try and write your story if you let them. 

Mike warned us against this. 

"Will you let someone else write your story, or will you write your own story as you see fit?"

"What is your story?"

In this case, I already had my own personal story set in stone. I'm an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs open businesses and get shit done. 

My story was set but my new business story wasn't!

The idea was so simple but also deep. 

Humans are programmed to learn through stories. We are drawn to a good story because we recognize their utility at a primal level. 

It all made sense!

I realized that my new business was missing a compelling story to draw people in. 

What could our business story be?

I was brainstorming with my friend and business partner about coming up  with a compelling story for the business. 

Then it hit us. 
The best story for our business, is our own story! How we will build this business from the ground up. Bringing you all of the ins and outs of this entire process. How we personally use our own service to become more productive. How we learn new things in the field of testosterone replacement therapy. How we are able to engage and build an audience that use our service. 

It was very clear after listening to Mike. 

My biggest regret was that I never documented the journey of any of my businesses from the beginning.

The processes of building a business is very valuable. You get deep insights into what a founder was thinking in times of stress and triumph. 

Imagine being able to watch a vlog series Steve Jobs made when starting apple computers? Or reading a blog from Peter Thiel on how he started PayPal. 

That would be priceless. 

I wasn't going to make that mistake of not documenting everything again. 

I had the story. Now I needed to tell it. 

The story

I'll be bringing that journey to you guys via this blog and YouTube Channel. 

Thanks to Mike, I was able to find the missing piece of my business. 

"Live my life. Tell my story." 

So here it is.

The start.

I'll document the trials, tribulations, struggles, ups and downs. The good times, the bad, and the learning process that comes with building a new company. 

Ill bring you the day to day stuff and what it really takes to build a successful business. 

Join the journey by subscribing to our newsletter here because you will learn what it takes to build a successful business.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel for the day to day Vlog! Here because you'll watch my personal feelings on situations.

It will be fun and useful!


I've attended all but one of Mike's seminars.

I've read Gorilla Mindset over 10 times. I've listened to all of his podcast and videos.

And I still find revolutionary life changing ideas from his work. 

Needless to say I owe much of my success to the work of Mike Cernovich. 

His seminars are put on at the highest level. He takes an active approach to personally helping each of the attendees. Even with a large group of people, everyone got a chance to get direction from Mike.

I can't wait to use what he taught me this weekend to take my new business to the next level. 

I know that many others in attendance feel the same way.

If you are hesitant to attend his seminar, don't be. GO!

Mike knows how to get the right people in the right room to maximize the experience. 

It will be one of the best decisions of your life. 

You wont regret it. 

Thanks Mike.

Until next time!


My Seminar Notes.


MINdset identity story

Story feeds into your identity I am or I’m not

“You’re just a mechanic”


What’s your identity

Story I’m telling me self

Aspirational Story

My story I tell my self - I’m unorganized. No. im busy and put things away right away. Everything has a place i put them there before i do anything.

tell them What to expect in the seminar 

-plot. Tell them what you’re going to tell them tell em then tell them what you told them

Show Value with stories. a test can change your life (shownvalue )

What’s the story of my lab fax

Get tested for test and Hormones 

(Help me get better )

(Makes me a Bette man)

(more productive)

(preventative maintenance)

always killing it in life because im ontop of my hormone levels

I felt like I didn’t have purpose

I wasdown and out

Most of life is about emotion

Story is everywhere

Self talk story telling my self 

The guys want to hear my information .

They need this info

I’m a lawyer tax lawyer story that makes him happy

I help people fuck the gov by keeping money in peoples pocket

Better options for medical care

Take. are of your own health

No balance in the side hustle (one at a time. other side hustle can suffer but thats ok) 

What don’t I know. Why are guys not buying hownto get guys to buy. Ask questions what don’t you know. (always be asking what they want)

What skills have I learned this year ??

What skill will I learn in 2018?

What feeling did you get? one moment you felt incredible? I made my first flip cash in hand. I was One step closer to my life goals life vision


New catch phrase? 

Insights into your health

Know your. Biology 

Testosterone check be a better man. 

Make it easier to understand. Cut the medical jargon. Make it simple. Put medical terms into easy ways to understand

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