How It Works

How It Works

order lab tests online

1. Order

Choose from our panel of tests or create your own custom panel. Once it is purchased, you will be redirected to your secure dashboard to print out your lab slip.

locate nearest lab testing facility

2. Select Lab

Select the "Lab Locater" tab inside your your secure dashboard and enter your zip code to find your nearest lab. Our partnership with Quest Diagnostics gives you over 3,000+ (CLIA) certified laboratories to choose from.

read lab test results online

3. Results

Results are ready 3 to 4 days after your lab appointment. All results are available on our secure online dashboard and can be be printed out.

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Instantly order your Testosterone tests, no doctor's visit required.

Is It Faster?

At a hospital or clinic you can expect to wait anywhere from 1-2 hours.

With MYLABFAX, you can place your order, print your lab slip, and head to your nearest lab testing facility in 10 minutes or less.

Emergency Room
Urgent Care/Clinic
cost of lab tests

Less Expensive?

Depending on your state, you could save hundreds or even thousands over the course of ordering multiple necessary tests.

Here we can see two of the most commonly ordered tests and their respective costs vs. MYLABFAX.

How Safe Is It?

All orders and customer information are securely processed via SSL encryption.  

SSL encrypted website

All of our laboratory partners are certified by the
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. 

Our labs are certified

 Orders and results are reviewed by a licensed physician before being sent to you.

all tests are reviewed by a physician
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